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360° Virtual Tour Website for Beauty Industry — Habibs Saloon

Hair & Beauty industry has been growing rapidly in Jodhpur lately. Habibs Saloon Hair & Beauty Unisex Saloon is a new saloon in Jodhpur. Being a new player, it could be a challenge to establish a loyal customer base for the Saloon. The saloon is well furnished, has got beautiful interiors and the main focus of their services is to give the customer an enjoyable experience within the time that they spend there.

Challenges/ Objectives

The major challenge addressed for Habibs Saloon was that they wanted to increase footfall for their saloon, and gain more visibility in Jodhpur as well as the peripherals.

Insights/ Research

So, when Mr Zakir approached us, he explained to us his requirements. He wanted an innovative solution for his saloon. We knew exactly what would be the best for this. We suggested to him that he should go for a Virtual Tour website for his saloon. This way, he would have an innovative website for his saloon, and it would be the best way to introduce new customers to the experience that they promise. He loved the idea and agreed immediately.

Our team went to the saloon on the decided day and we made sure all the focus points were covered in the Virtual Tour. All the interiors and their saloon highlights, right from the entrance and reception desk, their comfortable seating, and facilities available in the saloon, everything was covered. We made sure the tour gave away all the positive vibes about the experience that the saloon offers.

Our Solution and Results

The 360° virtual tour made exclusively for Habibs Saloon was yet another good experience. By now, we had learnt to make our craft faster and improvising with every other project. The videos turned out to be better than we expected, it showed all the portions of the saloon wonderfully and Mr. Zakir seemed to be pretty happy with the final results.

Like our every Virtual Tour, this 360° Virtual Tour also consisted of several smart features such as auto-rotation, information points (hotspots), clickable floor plans/ layout of property, thumbnails for easy navigation, integrated company brochure and link to corporate Video, website menu, Google street view, contact info, enquiry form, single click share button, and many more.

This virtual tour was efficiently a powerful marketing tool for Habibs. It was a unique way to attract new customers towards the store, tempting them to visit Habibs, and hence increasing footfall significantly. Through this virtual tour, they can now give prospects a life-like experience of visiting Habibs saloon for their next beauty requirement.

Special Highlight & Milestones

Mr. Zakir saw an immediate boost in the queries and response on their saloon as soon as the Virtual Tour went live.

It is notable that Virtual Tours are powerful marketing tools, meant not just for estate agencies or hoteliers, but it can be useful for small businesses, new stores, showrooms such, and especially for beauty industry saloons, spas, parlours, hairstylists, and so on.

It could be used as an innovative way to maximise the visibility in the locality and peripherals, maximise the footfall, and effectively increase people’s interest in such high-end worthy services. It is a creative way to advertise not just your saloon, but also its interiors and the service experience, doing justice to the money spent on making that happen.

We are glad that our services could be of help to Mr. Zakir and his saloon.

You can view Habibs Saloon and their Virtual Tour here – Habibs Saloon 

Our 360° Virtual Tour services are open for everyone who desires to market their business in an innovative, impactful and effective way. If you too want to get a virtual tour made exclusively for your business, feel free to contact us – Sabhi Digital

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