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360° Virtual Tour Website for Housing Industry — Love Homes

Love Homes is the pioneer of emerging housing societies, expanding their business into Jodhpur, after establishing well in Mumbai, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

Challenges/ Objectives

The housing industry is one such business where marketing is not easy. It is important to make people believe in them, in their vision and policies. Showcasing the apartments is a whole different story. It is neither easy nor favorable to show the real elegance of these apartments through pictures, simply because the pictures don’t do justice to the beauty in their simplicity. And hence, people are expected to visit the location and see it first-hand before considering purchases.

Hence, the biggest challenge of Love Homes was to showcase their property in such a way that it fulfills the criterion of a first-hand viewing. So that people can visit the place without actually having to visit it.

Also, to encourage more co0nsumer interest in their properties. Advertisements, posters and generic media, no matter how attractive, fail to grab the attention of people who could be prospective buyers.

Whenever a prospect looks for a home, the first thing considered is the floor plan of the property, so showcasing the floor plan was also an important factor.

Insights/ Research

We were determined that 360° Virtual tours would be the best solution for Love Homes. A virtual tour would not just showcase the property very well, but it would also provide a better perspective into the inside of the apartments. Our team visited the apartments, the views were impressive, the interiors were beautiful and the exteriors were flamboyant. We quickly started shooting, trying to cover all the highlights of the apartment. The photography team prepared the shots and sent it for editing and development.

Our Solution and Results

The 360° Virtual Tour website created exclusively for Love Homes, was a good experience for the team. Like our every Virtual Tour, this 360° Virtual Tour also consisted of several smart features such as auto-rotation, information points (hotspots), clickable floor plans/ layout of property, thumbnails for easy navigation, integrated company brochure and link to corporate Video, website menu, Google street view, contact info, enquiry form, single click share button, and many more.

It turned out to be a powerful marketing tool for Love Homes. It showcased all the details of the apartment well.

Special Highlight

The special highlights about this project were the following:

  1. A floor layout plan was added on the top right-hand side of VT Screen. And on that layout, a bird eyed view was shown highlighting the parts which were being shown in the virtual tour. This enabled the viewers to understand the floor plan and interiors well.
  2. Virtual Tours of 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments were covered separately and showed on the website using the customized menu bar and categorized well in an organized manner. This would aid filtering for the viewers as well as publicizing for the sellers. One advantage of this separate coverage was that it allows us to share the links for 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK individually, without having to share the entire virtual tour with a prospective client.


Once approved, we made the tour live on the website and embedded it into their primary website.

Each virtual tour is a different experience for us. Facing a new challenge for each Virtual Tour and overcoming them successfully, we feel like we become smarter with each virtual tour created for the clients.

You can view Love Homes and its 360° Virtual Tour here – Love Homes

Our 360° Virtual Tour services are open for anyone who desires to market their business in an innovative, impactful and effective way.

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