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360° Virtual Tour Website for SMEs — Rajrani Emporium

Being in one of the most famous and crowded markets on Jodhpur, Rajrani Emporium has a legacy of its own. When it comes to the manufacturing and sale of laces, hangings, patches, stones, beads, and similar accessories, the variety at Rajrani is endless and unbeatable. The customer base is very strong and keeps on extending consistently.

Challenges/ Objectives

However, the only thing that the store lacks is that it does not have any online presence. People can visit the place, but they cannot find it online. They cannot share it.

Insights/ Research

The idea of creating a 360° Virtual Tour for Rajrani Emporium hit us the moment we visited the store. The store is fully-stocked throughout the year, displaying a never-ending variety of accessories. We wanted to bring them online. We wanted them to create an online presence so that they can display their stocked store not just physically, but also virtually.

Everyone appreciated the idea and we started taking the shots. Being a very organized and compact place, the videography took only a short while, it was the post-shooting part that took a major time.

Our Solution and Results

The 360° Virtual Tour photography made exclusively for Rajrani Emporium. Initially, Like our every Virtual Tour, this 360° Virtual Tour photography also consisted of several smart features such as auto-rotation, information points (hotspots), thumbnails for easy navigation, website menu, Google street view, contact info, inquiry form, single click share button, and many more. Later on, we customer it as per the client’s requirements.

The customized google certified Virtual Tour went live and they shared it with their contacts and on social media. It was indeed appreciated. In addition, it helped their clients and customers, who were not from Jodhpur, to get a closer look into their store and their values.

Special Highlight

The 360° Virtual Tour Website for Rajrani Emporium was a simplified tour. It had minimal plugins. The thumbnails were kept untouched. Accordingly, on the left-hand side top corner of the screen, we added their visiting card, which gave an insight into their variety and their contact info. The top right-hand side had social media sharing buttons and their contact numbers. Rest everything was removed.

Finally, people at Rajrani emporium loved the minimal and simplified tour website. They thought it was more helpful and less confusing for them. It would serve their customer and client base well.


This 360 Virtual Tour photography was yet another milestone in our records, for each Virtual Tour that we do makes us a lot better at our job. We do a little better, we learn a little more, we grow a lot more.

We are looking forward to more such opportunities, to cover more virtual tours from more categories, vivid industries, and sectors, and come out as the best in this field.

Moreover, You can view Rajrani Emporium and its 360° Virtual Tour here – Rajrani Emporium

Our 360° Virtual Tour services are open for anyone who desires to market their business in an innovative, impactful, and effective way.

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