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360° Virtual Tour Website for Tourism — Jodhpur Clock Tower

The Clock tower is one of the oldest monuments of Jodhpur. It was a very crowded place, all the time. The local markets around it are scenic and essential to its view.

Challenges/ Objectives

While we were on it, we wanted to create Virtual tours for every sector. We wanted to explore the possibilities of Virtual tours and go adventurous with them. We had covered a lot of places so far, but now we wanted to do something new, something more interesting. So, we decided to create a 360° Virtual Tour video of one of our most popular tourist spots in Jodhpur: The Clock Tower.

Insights/ Research

The major challenges in shooting the Clock tower were:

  1. Getting the crowd out of the footage
  2. Making the Virtual tour attractive and scenic
  3. Covering the local markets around the tower
  4. The dirty streets around Clock Tower had to be either cleaned or edited out
  5. Shooting the clock tower horizontally, vertically, in and out.

Before shooting, we visiting the Clock Tower several times so as to determine which time is the best to capture the tower, and when the crowd is the least.

One early morning, we visited the Clock Tower early morning and took some shots, which went smooth. The crowd was minimal and the Tower stood beautiful in the dusky view.

Our Solution and Results

The 360° Virtual Tour made exclusively for the Clock Tower was undoubtedly a challenging task. But we are glad that we were able to do it without any obstructions. The Clock Tower Virtual Tour website had all the featured that our tour websites usually have — several smart features such as auto-rotation, information points (hotspots), thumbnails for easy navigation, website menu, Google street view, contact info, inquiry form, single click share button, and many more.

Special Highlight

The special highlight about this virtual tour was that when we shot the clock tower, the nearby streets were dirty. There were garbage and dirt everywhere. Obviously, could not include all that in the virtual tour. So, while editing the video, we had to remove all of that from the screen. Yes, we had Photoshop everything, so that it looked good. That took a lot of time and efforts, but all thanks to our editors and designers, the process was hassle-free.


The final 360 Virtual Tour photography post-editing looked actually good. We were both surprised and impressed by what our editors had done. The moment we posted it live and shared it on various platforms, we started receiving messages praising the tour and the location itself. A lot of people from Jodhpur as well and outside texted us to let us know their thoughts on our virtual tour.

A lot of people suggested that we should also make similar virtual tours for all tourism spots of Jodhpur and we were delighted by the idea. We are surely looking forward to doing more of these.

You can view Jodhpur Clock Tower and its 360° Virtual Tour here – Clock Tower

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