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Building A Website In 2021? Here Are 9 Things You Should Know Beforehand.

Well, it’s already the end of 2020, and the beginning of a new year is staring us right in the eye. And you are here because you want to make a new website in 2021. Sure, you’ll be thinking about adding the live chat feature or an attractive offer pop-up, but are they really something that makes a website worth visiting? 

Here are top 9 things that you should know if you want to make a website that’s voguish in its own way. 

A Happening Landing Page

Anyone who lands on your website, either with a URL or by manually searching it, they will be landing on the home page or the landing page of the website. 

Make sure that this landing page has quality copy written over it. A good copy will hook up the visitors to your website. 

The more time a user spends browsing your website, the more search engines think of it as productive. Hence, it will take lesser time for your website to rank better. 

A User-Friendly Interface & Dashboard

If you are making a website for yourself or for one of your clients. It’s necessary to remember that the webmaster will need to customise the site as per their needs. 

So make sure that the website that you are about to make is extremely user friendly. Make sure to include a functional and easy to use dashboard to the website. With this dashboard, you or any other webmaster will tirelessly make amends to the website, and we know when working in web development, change is the only constant. 

If you are building an eCommerce website in India, it’ll be a great idea to add a drag and drop dashboard to it. It eases the process of adding products and rates to the website. 

With a drag and drop element in your dashboard, it will be easy for you and the webmaster to pick up design elements and make the website more aesthetic. 

Is It Responsive?

Needless to say that there are more than two to three screen ratios in our day to day lives. While making a website, you need to place yourself in the shoes of an end-user. Users browse a website on a host of different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even smartwatches. Who knows, in some years we’ll have smart glasses through which users will be eyeing our products? 

To make your website future proof, you should use a responsive design. Well, what is a responsive design? It’s a design feature of a website in which the website itself cascades as per the screen ratio available to it. This way, you won’t have to worry about creating different websites for different screen ratios for your visitors. 

Get yourself a responsive website today, contact us now…!! 

Don’t Make It Hard For Readers.

If you are about to start a blog on your website or anything worth reading, make sure that it’s easy to read. What does easy to read mean? And how can you make your website easy to read? Here are two easy ways:

  • Write content that is light on the mind of the reader. You don’t need to write complex sentences that make the life of a reader reading your content hard. You shouldn’t twist and turn your sentences and repeat them all over again and again. This will make things hard for the reader. 

Instead, just write simple sentences.

  • Apart from writing simple sentences, you need to make sure that the fonts that you use are simple and easy to read for everyone. Don’t make it hard for the reader to read the relevant information.  

With a more readable website, it’s better for people. And what’s better for people will be better for Google, and other search engines. This way, your website will rank better in less time. Better rank means more visibility, more engagement, and ultimately more revenues. 

Search Engine Optimisation At The Rescue

There might be hundreds of websites just like your present over the website, but what will make your website stand out? That’s for Google to decide, but you need to do the best search engine optimisation for your website. 

Find the best relevant keywords and use them in the best possible way on your website. 

You should find and write relevant key phrases on your website. 

Another pro tip is to never leave the meta description blank for the pages of your website. 

Choose A Good Domain

Do you remember a website by its domain name that wasn’t so impactful? Nor do we…!!

When it comes to domain names, the cheaper ones that end with .xyz and .me might lure you into buying those. But remember the fact that cheap is not always the best. 

You need to choose a domain name for your business that is impactful, easy to remember, and easy to spell as well. 

A good domain name lays the foundation of your brand in the mind of the visitor. 

Include Pop-Ups To Collect Emails

To grow the reach of your business through your website, you’ll need an organic audience that cares about what you do, and how you do it. Website pop-ups that require people to sign up do help webmasters in building a genuine audience base. 

The best way to use a pop up on your website is by offering a free service, or a free product, like an ebook that gives them something useful. The sole purpose is to provide value to the visitors, and in return, you ask for their email. 

Set up a pop up on your website, and collect emails of the interested people. 

This email list will provide you with 100% interested potential buyers. Send out newsletters and new offers by doing robust email marketing.

Bugs & Debugging

Before your website goes live, make sure you’ve gone through every functionality of the website, and it’s very smooth. 

Nobody loves a website that has bugs and glitches in it. 

Even if you find some bugs in your website, make sure to debug it with the help of an experienced programmer or a coder. 

Work On Image Size

You should reduce the size of images that you are about to use in your website. 

This will reduce the cache size of the website, and it will take very less time for the website to load properly. 

Not to forget that many hostings give you limited storage space online, so the lesser space you use in website aesthetics, the better. 

Set Up Minimum Downtime

Would you stay on a website if it takes days to load completely? We think not…!! You should think about your website in the same way. No one loves a slow website. 

So make sure that you take the hostings with fast web servers so that your website loads pretty quickly. Apart from better user experience, minimum downtime also provides a horizon for better ranking to websites. 

Do you want to rank better in search engines? Then make sure to avail a fast hosting. 


Phew…!! You made it to the end, congrats…!! Well, that was everything you needed to know before you go on to make your dream website. Now, you have everything, what are you waiting for? Go make your own website…!! Are you still hesitant about making your own website? Well, contact us now and get a free quote today…!!