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Custom Web Development for Handicraft Industry— Suncity Arts Case Study (half eCom plus ERP Model)

In a generation that is constantly led towards luxury and extravagance, people at large have been getting influenced by products that look and feel luxurious. This has resulted in a rise in the handicraft industry. 

Suncity Art Exports, one of the leading agencies in Handicraft Industry in Jodhpur approached Sabhi Digital, looking for a digital platform to showcase their established expertise in the field and resolve some of their ongoing challenges faced in the business. Sabhi Digital took the matters in their hands and decided Digital is the way to go!

The main challenges faced in the handicraft industry and the basic objectives of setting up this platform were:

  1. showcasing their inventory on an interactive platform.
  2. To facilitate the sharing of product information on one-click.
  3. providing an online negotiating platform for buyers as well as the seller.
  4. To manage resources with back-end support.
  5. controlling access to the collection for international clients.

Devising a smart platform for Suncity Arts Expo

Sabhi Digital resolved these issues by devising a smart platform, an eCom model for the handicraft industry customized highly for Suncity Arts Expo. The purpose of this eCom model is not to sell or purchase, but to drop queries to respective products and negotiate prices for the same.

Features of this Platform created exclusively for the Handicraft Industry:

Features of Front end

Simplistic and attractive display

The design of the front end of this website portrays the brand simplistically — Neither too loud nor too low. The display is minimal so that anyone who visits the website does not feel confused about what to do or where to go for their products. The color palette and fonts keeps the vibe of the brand alive within the website.


The website is also mobile-friendly. It means that one can view the website mobiles as well without compromising a major part of the features.

One-click direct calling and contact Panel on top of the screen

On the topmost corner of the screen, there is a contact panel, so that anyone visiting the website can instantly call the service with just a single click.

Custom minimal header and footer for Suncity

We customized the header and footer, keeping in mind the requirements of the user, and created a minimalistic custom header and footer for the website.

Product overview panel to display featured products, with 3 in 1 pre-defined filters enabled

On the home page itself, a product display panel showcases the best few of their products which can also be filtered according to the pre-defined categories on the website.

Shop Page with categories, product info mentioned in details

The Shop Page consists of the shopping collection with names and pictures. This page is entirely searchable and filterable according to pre-defined categories. The user can view the details of each product and drop an enquiry for the same with just one click.

Enquiry Button instead of direct purchasing

Each Product Detail page has an enquiry button instead of a purchase button, as per the demand of the handicraft industry. Hence, the user can generate a product-specific enquiry. The customers can negotiate the price in the ‘my inquiries’ section found after logging into the website with respective customer login credentials.

Unique gallery section with vertical ribbon layout 

This gallery section is unique and attractive, grabs attention as soon as someone visits the page. This gallery can be used to showcase how the products are going to look in surroundings along with other interiors.

Customer login using credentials

There is also a customer login panel for each customer to login using their credentials and view/manage their queries, request details, negotiate and finalize the deals all on one page online.

Features of Back end

Super Useful Dashboard for the handicraft industry

This unique dashboard can be useful for the business manager for multiple reasons. You can see and track all data in one place, visually. In addition, there are individual panels for different data, which can be enabled or disabled. There are lists, graphs, chats, numbers, email and calendar which can be marked for important dates. It is like a business tracker in itself.

Product Manager Section

A separate section for the product manager allows the admin to view, edit and manage products, their attributes, their history and status all in full detail. As a result, these details are reflected directly to customers on the product detail page. One can view all details for products and edit them on the same page, as well as add or remove any products.

Enquiry Manager Section

A separate section for the enquiry manager to facilitate reverting of queries. One can view all queries on one page and revert accordingly. There are separate pages for pending and finalized queries to make things easier and less confusing for the manager.

Category manager section

A separate section created for a category manager to add or remove categories, and add products to them. These products are reflected directly in the ‘featured products’ section on the home page as well as the ‘shop’ page on the website.

Currency Manager Section

There is also a currency manager section as per the demand of the client. A lot of foreign clients means a lot of currencies and the changing currency-wise prices to manage accordingly. 

Customer Manager Section

Don’t want the old uninterested customers to view your new collection? Don’t worry. This new customer manager section allows you to verify customers before they can view your collections. You can also delete old customer logins who don’t seem interested anymore. You can view a history of your customers with their login time.

User Manager Section

The entire admin panel is two-tiered. A super admin can manage and control the rights of other admins. The user manager section allows the super admin to add or remove admins along with their details.

Video Manager Section

The video manager section allows the admin to add or remove a video either in the gallery section or in separate product sections.

Super Admin for back-end functionality

Lastly, a super admin can revoke the viewing or editing rights of any of these admins at any given time. The super admin can manage all the functions and sections.

Sabhi Digital as a custom web development company for the handicraft industry.

In this way, Sabhi Digital created an effective ERP+eCom Model for a leading brand in the handicraft industry to manage their business online. Accordingly, this portal gives them as well as their customers to access the collection anytime and anywhere. Moreover, Such a custom web development holds amazing possibilities and could enable businesses and business owners to tackle business-specific challenges and overcome them with the help of digital solutions such as an ERP Model, a CMS Model, an eCom model, etc.