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Tested SEO Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website

So you have a website up and running, but aren’t generating enough views or sales from it? If that was a yes, we understand how frustrating it can become to keep pouring money down your website and generate nothing but a few irrelevant views. Break the chain of making websites and refreshing view counts, and get your website ranking with our must-follow SEO tips. 

Now, before we move on to our SEO tips, you need to understand that quality SEO can make or break your website’s rank in search results. And ranking is all that matters for website sales and conversion. 

Here’s our quick guide for SEO to get your website flying…!! 

Work On The User Experience Of Your Website

The number one thing that a user experiences when they land on your website is your website’s user experience. Sounds a bit tricky? Well, it is not. User experience is the overall experience of a person browsing your website. So if your website doesn’t have a smooth and welcoming appearance for a first-time visitor, your website sounds like a turn-off for web crawlers. 

Why does bad user experience result in the website’s decreased ranking?

Let’s understand this with an example ⸺ you’re on a road trip and looking for hotels or motels around the highway. You spot two properties standing next to one another. You decide to visit the first motel. Inside it, there’s a shady little reception area with dim lighting, and a damp smell is filling the atmosphere inside. You inquire about your things and move on to the next property. The next motel is quite welcoming with bright colors, fantastic room freshener, and decorative lights. Which hotel are you more likely to book? The answer’s clear. You will go to the second one. 

The same goes for the user experience of your website. If it doesn’t please the visitors, they are most likely to bounce off from the website. Increased bounce-off rate gives a hint to the crawlers that your website isn’t good enough, and that’s why people are not staying on it for a longer time. 

How To Improve The User Experience For My Website?

Here’s how you can improve the user experience for your website:

  • Choose a compelling yet simple color scheme that makes everything understandable. 
  • Keep your font simple. Don’t froth it with creativeness. Instead, make your content creative.
  • Don’t create a claustrophobic vibe on your website. What does that mean? You shouldn’t cram up your website with content. Instead, keep it airy in there. You should use white space on your website to give a pleasant feel to the visitors. 
  • Keep 404 errors at bay. What’s a 404 error? It indicates the users that a specific webpage doesn’t exist on a particular website or a server. While a website might exist on a server, knowing that a page on a server doesn’t exist makes it difficult for users to stay engaged while browsing. Although search engines might not completely delist your website for it. Still, hey, we are talking about the “user” experience here.
  • Make your website responsive. (More about this, later.)

Easy To Read Content = Easy To Crawl Content

If we take a look from the broader point of view, we get to know that SEO is not only about website crawlers. Instead, SEO is a perfect balance between what’s right for people and search engines. 

Both search engines and people who view search results are connected in a loop – what’s right for visitors will rank on search engines, what’s suitable for search engines is exactly what people will see

So we can make out that SEO is all about people who come on your website. What will a person see when they’re interested in your website? They’ll read your content – everything’s that written over there. If the content there isn’t readable and easy to understand, then people wouldn’t get to know about your service or products that you are offering. 

While writing content for your website, you should try to strike a balance between the level of writing that you use. While you don’t need to write absolute masterclass and literary English, you cannot write useless slangs out there too. 

Increase Your Website’s Speed

Again, all things about your website’s ranking come to one single point – how your website treats its visitors?

If your website takes a whole millennium to load and present its results, who would like to stay and wait, when there are literally hundreds of websites out there, offering the same service, product, or information. 

So, you know that you can increase your traffic by increasing your website’s speed, but…

How to increase your website’s speed? 

  • Cut on the image size: Images are an integral part of any website. At the same time, they take a toll on your website speed. Does that mean that you need to remove all the images from your website? Absolutely not. You just need to use the same idea, but with a compressed size. 
  • Get rid of those plugins: Installing too many plugins on your website can make it slow. So you should be uninstalling all those unnecessary plugins. 
  • Optimize Your CSS: Cascading Style Sheets are an integral part of code that helps you design your website as you want. CSS enables you to choose the fonts, colors, and all things aesthetic about your website. If your CSS isn’t optimized well and are bloated, they will hinder your website speed. 
  • Remove 404 Errors: As discussed above, 404 errors are not only a nightmare for user experience, but they hinder a smooth load time too. 

Optimizing The Website To Show Up In Voice Search Results

Understanding that website optimization for voice searches is quite advanced than doing the same for text search results is essential. To this day, more and more people are using AI devices like Google Home and Alexa. In this new-era, old-age websites who just focus on text SEO are lagging behind. Make sure that your website isn’t one of them. 

Here’s what you should be doing to optimize your website for voice search results:

  • Get SSL For Your Website: Google or any other major search engine, doesn’t solely focus on content, website speed, and further optimization. Instead, they prefer websites that have SSL certificates over the ones that don’t have them. So, if you’d like it to show up in voice search, make sure your website has an SSL certificate. 
  • Create FAQs: Voice search is all about answering the users with their specific questions. Think of all the questions a layman would ask about your product or service, and write them down on your website and the answers. These answers and questions will automatically optimize your website to show up in search results. 
  • Long-Form Content Ranks Better: It’s obvious, long-form articles contain more keywords than a short snippet of an essay. This makes it more probable to rank higher. 

Make It Responsive…!!

We’re back at it…!! SEO works well for your website if you make the users browse it for a longer time. The more a viewer stays on your website, the better. 

But the scene of websites is changing dramatically. New devices are coming up with varied screen ratios like tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, smart TVs, etcetera every once in a while. Suppose you were into this situation five years ago. In that case, you might have had to pay a fortune to developers to make a new website for every screen ratio in the market. 

But, the year is 2020, and Sabhi Digital is with you. Get a responsive website for your business and let the SEO work its wonders. 

Know Your Audience

You might be using all the above tips to improve SEO for a website, but if there’s no audience to see, then for whom are you putting up the show? That’s why it’s a good idea to use data to know about your audience. 

Questions to answer before updating content on a website: 

  • Where does your core audience geographically reside?
  • Why are people even visiting your website?
  • What do you have to offer your audience?
  • What makes your website unique to that ranking alongside you?
  • How does your audience like the ‘vibe’ of your website? 

If you can even answer three of the above questions, nothing can stop sound SEO from boosting your website on the #1 search engine result page. 

Research For Searchworthy Keywords

Besides knowing about your audience and updating the right articles on your website, it’s also necessary to frame your article with the necessary keywords. You should search for keywords that a layman or anyone, for that matter, will definitely use in their search term. 

These keywords in your content will let the web-crawlers decide whether to rank your website for a particular search query. 

Don’t know how to search for good keywords to rank your website? Get help from our SEO experts in India

Refresh & Reuse Your Content

Coming up with new content ideas every week isn’t quite possible alongside managing your business. What would you do – focus on your business, or think about what to write for a website?

That’s why it’s necessary to keep refreshing your existing content with new information and edits that are necessary for search engines and your audience. 

Likewise, you should also use the same form of content to grow your visibility all around. For instance, let’s consider that you have written an article about SEO on your website, and now you want to reuse it. You can use the same article and take its headings to make a carousel post for all your social media handles. You may quote a piece of advice from your article and post it in your Facebook stories. How could we forget YouTube? You can also make a static and informative YouTube video around your article. 

Get YouTube SEO Working For Your Website

Remember that article that we told you to make a YouTube video from? Well, here’s why we told you what we told you… 

Only a few SEO managers know that YouTube descriptions work wonders for you because of the SEO that has a part in ranking those videos. You can use relevant keywords and link your website in the YouTube videos that you upload. 

SEO is all about the presence of your website online. 

The more those web-crawlers see your website, the better.

Keep Updating Yourself

Change is the only constant. You should remember this while trying to rank your website on the grounds of SEO. SEO norms keep changing regularly. Google and other major search engines roll out their updates every now and then create restlessness among active webmasters.

You need to learn and unlearn most of the SEO practices to rank your website higher. One year, you’ll be hearing about a strategy and implementing it. Another year, you might have to change your plan. So you don’t need to stick to one technique while mastering SEO to rank your website. You should be a “Jack of all trades” when it comes to SEO. 


We told you everything you need to rank your website ahead of your competitors, from a better user experience to updating new SEO strategies. Go on to your CMS and start implementing these changes…!! 

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