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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing happens when you market something digitally. So, digitally marketing is basically marketing but with the help of digital or electronic media.It encompasses all the digital channels that are used for marketing and publicising products, services or business, such as, websites, social media, emails, search engines, pages, etc.

Digital marketing services can be used to find new prospective customers as well as to get in touch with your existing customer base.

The Digital Marketing Revolution

Digital marketing has now taken over the marketing industry and turned it upside down. Digital Marketing consultants claim that digital marketing is more efficient and cheaper than traditional marketing. Social media campaigns, advertisements and sponsored posts have now replaced the traditional billboards, hoarding and newspaper advertisements.

While digital media is on the rise, a huge number of marketing agencies have now extended their businesses by adding their digital marketing services to the list.There is suddenly a competition between every digital marketing agency to thrive and become the best digital marketing company in the markets.

The rise has also been reported in the freelancing world, where people who claim to be digital marketing experts, SEO experts or digital marketing consultants have increased in number. These people are neither qualified nor experienced, they just open their traps, and wait for an amateur businessman and fall for his digital marketing services which are full of frauds and scams.

There is also a black market for digital marketing that has eventually emerged as a result of bots and APKs which claim to hack through systems and produce desirable effects on original social media applications and platforms.

Another type of revolution for this sort of marketing has established that a lot of data related to us and our private lives have been floating on the internet in intangible and invisible forms that we can neither control nor delete. This data is used by marketing agencies to create user profiles used for showing us ads. There is no such thing as privacy online.

The Digital Marketing Partition

Besides all that, digital marketing itself has been divided into various subsections and specification that are not just basic, but very detailed and often incomprehensive for amateurs like us. A lot of forms and types of digital marketing have emerged to make it more efficient and understand it better.

Digital marketing can either be based on a behavioural approach, or a collaborative approach. A data-driven marketing strategy works for companies with a fixed target audience.

A lot of channels have been used for marketing such as blogs, search pages, emails, social media, social networking, videos, floating and banner ads on websites, pop-up ads, in-game ads, in-app ads, and the list is never-ending.

There is just too much going on in the world of digital marketing that it has taken a form so huge that it can neither be demolished nor pulled back, it cannot be cages nor controlled, what we can do, however, is that we can tame it, we can tailor it to our wants, but getting rid of it is an impossible task.

And who would want to get rid of it, anyway? The marketing companies are glad, their clients are happy, the customers say they have been seeing ‘interesting’ ads lately. So what is the need to get rid of digital marketing from your vision/ well, most of us have already gotten okay with it. We are okay with sharing our data, we are okay with having to see ads, we are okay with getting influenced through various campaigns; all because we are getting smarter; we are moving towards a generation which sees things like possibilities rather than obstructions; we see the endless opportunities that digital marketing has given us and don’t let just a few disabilities involved to weigh us down.

What does the future of digital marketing hold in its stores? That’s very unpredictable, but traditional marketing is surely going down very fast. Nobody can save it — that is for sure. But don’t you think we all have moved on already? It is a change much appreciated and a change for the better.